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Fluid oil

Fluid oil

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Fluid oil

USD31.20 Availability: In stock
SIZE: 30ml
SKU: 8802221000126

Availability: In stock


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Product Description


    An Oil-less oil that overcame the weakness of oil with faster absorption than water.

    1. The freshness and quick absorption provides enough moisture for any time of the year,keeping the skin smooth by making the dead skin cells elastic without blocking the pores.

    2. The ingredient similar to the skin will improve the dryness and the roughness of the skin safely.

    3. The colorless, odorless, and harmless plant squalane is the only ingredient contained in the product.

    4. The single ingredient oil will soothe the tightness of the skin, dry eyes and lips, rough hands and nails, damaged hair, sensitive and weak skin of expecting mothers and babies.



    Fast absorbing, hydrates the skin.

    Non greasy, skin softening.

    Strengthens natural protecting barrier.


    100% squalane
    Apply 1~2 drops and rub it with both hands. Gently cover your hands until absorbed.

    Feeling relieved with everything about your skin,
    from skincare to lifestyle.

    Essential, Non Essentials.

    Everyone has his or her own essential and non essentials. For the essence of healthy and beautiful skincare, we only use proved ingredients with stability and effectiveness.
    We do not use preservatives, coloring agent, fragrances or any of the allergic substances. Furthermore, all of the products do Dermatological tested via clinical professional organization and don't do any Animal testing.

    Less but Better.

    Vanity of cosmetic products is unnecessary for us. Essential Moist makes the healthy skin.
    Low molecular with excellent absorption power included plant based triple hyaluronic acid,
    and 100% Pure olive squalane that is very much alike to skin lipids. These two of core moisture elements that refill the moist and reinforces the skin barrier will simplify the stage of use,
    and help rests your skin and consumer economy.


    Easy, Fun but Clear.

    To provide perfect user experience, Olivarrier took out unnecessary information and used minimum design elements to indicate important information to emerge at a glance.


    0% Chemical ingredients, 100% squalane

    It protects skin from dryness and ultraviolet rays, and helps to strengthen skin barrier with excellent moisture. It is light and quick absorbing, and there is no worry about greasy and sticky.

Product's Review
    1. Big thank you to Boniik and Olivarrier! Review by Bella

      I have a huge credit because it is made with natural ingredients and is not sticky and has got an amazing absorption!

      My poor daughter has dry skin, she suffered every winter months but now she doesn't suffer from it any more! Big thank you to Boniik and Olivarrier! (Posted on 13/11/2017)

    2. Repurchasing! Review by Hailey

      I am repurchasing, indeed it never lets me down!! (Posted on 16/10/2017)

    3. Thank you Boniik!! Review by Hazel

      I always had worries because of my babe's dry skin. It has been a few days since we have used it, it is hydrating so well and his skin is not dry at all!! Thank you Boniik and Olivarrier! (Posted on 2/10/2017)

    4. Great!! Love it so much Review by Autumn

      I use it with my 2 year old baby! I really love how it moisturizes well in winter. I really love how Olivarrier's product never contain chemicals and it contains only natural ingredients! So I could use it with my babyy <33
      (Posted on 30/09/2017)

    5. Review~ Review by Nevaeh

      As I have children, I really care about the ingredients and if it has chemicals in it. I am glad that I found these good oil products with good ingredients! It is not sticky and I kinda hate artificial scents. But 5 stars are not enough for that it doesn't have any artificial scent! I really support you and thank you olivarrier! (Posted on 12/09/2017)

    6. Amazing Review by Kylie

      Functioning perfectly and good ingredients contained. So I have been putting this to my children. Even if its oil but it is not sticky and is light, good to use! (Posted on 11/09/2017)

    7. Thank you Olivarrier! Review by Piper

      I had some thoughts that it would be a bit heavy and sticky because it is oli! It is easy and nice to apply. I use it after cream, and finish with it and I feel like it keeps my skin hydrated all day. Love how it contains no chemicals and only natural ingredients! So transparent. Thank you Olivarrier! (Posted on 20/08/2017)

    8. Lovely baby oil Review by Mackenzie

      No colored, no scents, and most importantly no chemicals. Our whole family use this together. Good for baby! One drop is enough for baby and it absorbs really well into skins. Good moisturizing as well!! (Posted on 5/08/2017)

    9. LOVELY Review by Maya

      Fluid oil, I loved how it doesn't leave sticky and greasy feelings. (Posted on 26/07/2017)

    10. Nice Review by Peyton

      Non-artificial scent and non-sticky. Good to use with baby. (Posted on 18/05/2017)

    11. Great for baby as well! Review by Caroline

      Oils often leave greasy and sticky feelings, but this one doesn't do so and it leaves smooth and soft feelings! I have been using with my daughter who is now 14 months aged^^ A little goes a long way, I think it can last a long time! (Posted on 10/04/2017)

    12. Lovely Review by Genesis

      Really mild and soft! Using with my baby. One skincare product is enough and good for baby! (Posted on 25/03/2017)

    13. Love it Review by Serenity

      Not sticky, and absorbs quickly! (Posted on 4/03/2017)

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