Yehwadam Pure Brightening Serum

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Yehwadam Pure Brightening Serum

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Product Description


    The soft-shine brightening serum infuses dull skin with moisture and reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation. Glowing essence that penetrates deep into skin providing intense moisture,restores dull skin tone,and provides whitening getting rid of dark spots.


    [ YEHWADAM PURE BRIGHTENING RANGE ] A Premium Brightening and Anti-aging line from the Yehwadam range specifically developed to reveal skin's brightness and radiance, leaving skin visibly brighter by improving appearance of pigmentations, dark spots, and dull skin tone.

    Formulated with "Chil bark seol yun dan complex" which is a brightening formula consisting of 7 brightening and pristine traditional herbs harvested in Korean soil, that helps fight dark spots while brightening up your skin tone with anti-aging effect.

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    Niacinamide, Soybean fermentation extract, Yeast/potato extrac fermentation filtrate, Yeast/barley fermented filtrate, Macadamia seed oil, Shea butter, Ceramide NP, Pearl powder, Ginseng extract, Cnidium Officinale Roost extract, Ginseng extract, Polygonum Multiflorum Roost extract, Angelica gigas Nakai extract, Cuscuta Japonica Seed Extract, Chinese matrimony vine extract, Corn oil extract, Schizandra Chinesnsis Fruit extract, Jujube extract, Peony extract, Ginkgo Biloba extract, Lonicera Japonica extract, Adenosine
    Apply every morning and evening, after cleansing face, apply adequate amount on face and pat lightly for absorption.
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Product's Review
    1. so so good Review by lauren

      such a lightweight serum that abosrbs quickly without leaving oily residue on the surface of your face.
      It really does help with your skin complexion overall and the concerned pigmentation. (Posted on 7/07/2018)

    2. silky and smooth Review by jayde

      my biggest skin concern was having dull complexion and after i started using this serum, it really changed my skintone. it gives glow and has brightening effects. (Posted on 19/06/2018)

    3. Love it Review by Mindy

      my skin look brighter and smoother after using this product for couple of weeks, this serum is light and gentle. (Posted on 11/06/2018)

    4. Brightening Review by Haidi

      I've been using this daily and nightly for the past couple of weeks and I'm quite liking it. For the mornings it offers a nice glow to my skin. I also like that it's non-sticky and light weight.
      (Posted on 8/06/2018)

    5. very silky Review by lilli

      i think this product is by far the most effective product i've used. It doesnt just focus on brightening your skin but helps with your skin complexion as well and moisturises your skin deeply. I use this every single day both day and night. (Posted on 7/06/2018)

    6. best brightening serum Review by liv

      one of my favourite brightening range i've ever used. i first thought it was a really strong product because of the fragrance but it also soothes my skin at the same time of giving radiance and glow. very light weight so you can use in the morning time even under your makeup. (Posted on 31/05/2018)

    7. good Review by karen

      i have some freckles on my face and i want to brighten my skin tone. and people said my face looks good these day. like it (Posted on 21/05/2018)

    8. Love it Review by Linh Chi

      one of the best brightening serum with pear and ginseng inside. (Posted on 14/05/2018)

    9. nice Review by grace

      love this serum, which can bright my skin and gave me natural glow (Posted on 11/05/2018)

    10. LOVE IT! Review by Heidi

      How great serum is! I use this day and night both. It has Korean Ginseng so I was little worried about oriental ingredient. BUT once I used it...I feel my skin get active again. (Posted on 9/05/2018)

    11. best Review by miulee12

      my skin look brighter and whiter after using this one. must try (Posted on 8/05/2018)

    12. best one so far Review by Ann

      After i started using this serum, about 2 months later i could really see the change in my skintone. I had less darkening and it helped to even out my skin tone in general. (Posted on 8/05/2018)

    13. Good product! Review by Nasha

      I want to take care of brightening. It has good scent and so good feeling after using it. (Posted on 29/04/2018)

    14. Great Review by Kathy Chang

      I love this serum a lot. that makes my skin whitening and dewy. (Posted on 27/04/2018)

    15. Good Review by Leman

      this serum help my skin smooth and brighten through using time! i love this serum. (Posted on 13/04/2018)

    16. Instant result! Review by florence

      I really love this serum because I get instant result, especially if I wear it under my makeup. It brightens my skin tone, making it looks more clear and radiant. Totally recommend to try this serum if you just want to buy one instead of the whole set. (Posted on 11/04/2018)

    17. good Review by Wie

      It is highly extracted pure brightening serum and I am not allergy to it surprisingly. My friend has used it for half year and I can tell the difference between 'before' and 'after' of her face. (Posted on 11/04/2018)

    18. Brightens dull face Review by carine

      providing intense moisture,restores dull skin tone,and provides whitening getting rid of dark spots.

      (Posted on 11/04/2018)

    19. Not bad not good either Review by apple

      Is a good line for skin mostinture
      but i didn't look whiting effect (Posted on 9/04/2018)

    20. great for radiant skin` Review by Susie1

      This product really made my skin glow and so moisturised! (Posted on 9/04/2018)

    21. Good Review by Jinny

      This is an amazing serum that I've ever tried on. It makes my skin looks brighter right after 1 week using. I am thinking to get the whole line. Love it (Posted on 9/04/2018)

    22. cured my scars. Review by Jen

      this serum helped my scars and dark spots as well as it was super light on my skin so it didnt irritate my skin and didnt cause any break outs. i love this serum. (Posted on 8/04/2018)

    23. Really recommend! Review by Raina

      This serum moisturizes my skin and I feel like the spots on my face has gradually started to fade. My dull skin started to glow too. Will definitely repurchase! (Posted on 8/04/2018)

    24. Go back to buy again Review by Jimmy

      A very lightweight serum that absorbs quickly into the skin! Good for dry and dull skin i guess:) (Posted on 8/04/2018)

    25. Good!! Review by Cristina

      This serum is so good for brightening and moisturize as well. My skin look smooth and glowy after 3 months using. (Posted on 8/04/2018)

    26. Works! Review by Julia

      This actually works! Does an amazing job at evening out my skin tone. Been using it for only a month, and my hyper-pigmentation and scarring has faded so much already. Didn't know that a side effect of this serum was that my skin tone would lighten one shade as well hahaha (Posted on 7/04/2018)

    27. Fast result Review by jennifer

      Great serum! I use this day and night together with the emulsion and cream and I can already see the result after 3 days! It's not sticky and rich at all! (Posted on 7/04/2018)

    28. Good for sensitive skin Review by KathyNguyen

      i love this product which help my skin improved. I high recommendation for everyone (Posted on 6/04/2018)

    29. Right Choose Review by Nicky

      I was looking for an Item for brightening and NOT drying, and my friend recommend me this brightening Serum. Surprisingly it did not dry at all and pretty rich as an brightening product! I love it and want girls like me preferring rich and brightening product to try this ! (Posted on 6/04/2018)

    30. Does wonders! Review by Candice

      I have hyper-pigmentation and so much residual acne scarring, but after using the pure brightening toner, serum and cream together, my skin tone has been legit EVEN ever since!!! Also does an amazing job at whitening and brightening and giving my skin that Korean glass/translucent look. Would highly recommend if you want to lighten your skin tone and ESPECIALLY if you have any hyper-pigmentation or scarring. Love this!! 5 star rating <3 (Posted on 6/04/2018)

    31. STAR PRODUCT Review by Gabriella

      What stands out the most to me about this serum is the ability of this serum to penetrates into the skin quickly considering that it is highly concentrated. The texture of the serum is soft and silky, makes it non-sticky too which is absolutely perfect! It gives an 'instant' brightening effect and make my skin looks luminous and radiant. I can feel that my skin stepped up to a higher level of moisture because of my skin feels super soft and supple after application. This serum contains lamellar which is a moisturizing ingredient that has similar structure as skin that helps to restore moisture into the skin. I love the instant brightening because it can make my 'dull-skin day' better! (Posted on 6/04/2018)

    32. BEST FOR BRIGHTENING Review by Sadie

      this is one of the best brightening serum i have ever used!! it's even better than sulhwasoo, its cheaper than sulhwasoo as well which is awesome (Y) (Y) (Posted on 6/04/2018)

    33. LoveLove Review by Sunny

      I am using all products of Yehwadam pure brightening line. I really love them. This improves my dull skin with moisture and reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation. This absorbs deep into my skin. There is no more of inner dehydration in my skin. (Posted on 5/04/2018)

    34. Best serum ever! Review by Janet

      this is the best serum ever that i have used and really love it its really brighten my dark sports and pigmentations gives glow in skin love it i wiil always use this. (Posted on 5/04/2018)

    35. Best serum I've ever tried!!!! Review by Lily

      I had a bit scars and some dark spot that I got my from acne. But after 2 this bottle, my friends said that they cant tell that I have acne before. It takes time with skin care and all you need to do is use it daily, be patient and after a while you realize you skin gets improved. Love this product!!!! (Posted on 5/04/2018)

    36. Brighter Than Your Future Review by Nat

      I have tons of acne scars due to my godforsaken puberty, and I decided to give this serum a try cos of positive reviews online and did it not disappoint me. Definitely see improvement after 2 weeks. Skin feels soft and more supple too. 5 stars! (Posted on 5/04/2018)

    37. brightening Review by kelly

      This serum is great whitening serum. very gentle and no sticky.
      and Scent is so soft. i'm using this serum and cream day and night.
      it really helped whitening on my skin. i love them!! (Posted on 5/04/2018)

    38. Love it Review by Daisy

      I love the smell! The serum is amazing at leaving my skin bright and moist. It looks like my face is coming into more brighter tone and my freckles are getting lighter! (Posted on 5/04/2018)

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